Years Of Furnished Flats Finely Hones One’s Taste

When you think about your home and all the furniture and effects you’ve collected over the years, it can take a while to get your head around the need to update and decorate.  When I moved to my current place, some twenty years ago, everything came brand new.   I’d originally lived in rented furnished flats for years – so had to put up with an unsatisfactory and often bewildering selection of old junk the landlord would have picked up for a song.    Those grubby wonky chairs, the threadbare rugs and make shift carpets did serve a purposes though – apart from the obvious uses.  In subsequent years, as I bought and sold a selection of properties, each a little larger and better proportioned than the last, I gratefully accepted offers of second hand chattels from family & friends ‘to tide me over’.  Then when I finally achieved greatness – buying this almost forever house,  I was able to decide exactly what furniture and furnishings I really liked and wanted to surround myself with.  I knew from experience what suited my moods and disposition.