When Favourite Christmas Linens Went Walkies

I was looking around our sitting room the other day – having been given the task of setting up dna decorating the Christmas tree, for which I am famous – only within my family circles, you understand!  I had all the items available, the great big cardboard box with the baubles and decorations in.  The tree, now slightly more wobbly than I remembered, stood bare and waiting for cover.  But there was a box of other stuff missing.  The christmas themed cushions and table ware.  Ye gods, the thought of not having these familiar old items filled me with curiosity.

Upon investigation it seems that a small person who shall remain nameless, had been rummaging about trying to find something to donate to the school nativity festival – and had been gleefully accepted.  Almost distaught, I sought solace by browsing one of my most favourite homeware sites, knowing I could get similar items, that maybe weren’t quite so frayed and dogeared!