Uncle’s Busy Spree Brings Decor & Curtains To Match

I was out and about doing a favour for a very frail uncle.  He’d not been able to get out and about for weeks – his carer did her best to stay as long as she could but her programme was not designed to be generous with time.   His family arranged his grocery and general shopping – these days by online methods.  It was the getting out and actually seeing other human beings in person that he missed.  He also wanted to look at some decor and soft furnishing ideas to liven up his drab living room.  So once i’d established what we were going to look for, we set off for a very well established garden centre that caters for all interests, especially arty and crafting folk.  This centre has always enjoyed a reputation for supplying exactly the right product – often those unusual and quirky gifts so impossible to locate down the high street.  Uncle had a great time, I’ve not seen his eyes sparkle so much for years.  Having pursuaded him to accept the proferred wheelchair, he relaxed and let me guide him around each display area.  The Christmas purchases were soon bagged and we then thoroughly enjoyed looking at the curtain and blind displays – before long we’d arranged for the store to send their rep to measure up.  Now that is first class service!