Top People’s Magazines Foster Fresh Design Ideas

I was reading one of the various magazines that adorn the spare chair in the sitting room the other evening, whilst waiting for flatmates to assemble for an outing.  This particular publication has all the major haute couture names displayed over the first 40 pages then goes into all watches, jewelery and other gifts one can buy for several thousand euros and dollars.  The magazine has been bought by one of the ladies in the house – it is definitely one from the luxury brand sector of the market and seems oddly out of place in our somewhat shabby shared house.  However, no problem with having aspirations I guess. And she has previously made valiant attempts to get our landlord to update the worst of the poor selection of furnishings.   I found out though that being a textiles and design student, she is interested in the fancy end of the interior and furnishing market – many a decor idea comes from a top persons’ magazine!  Always set your stall high and aim for the very est you can do.