Top Notch Curtains & Blinds Add Such Class

My daughter has moved into a gorgeous stone property – right out in the middle of nowhere.  Well, it’s near a main road but there are no facilities or even a village nearby.  Everything is a drive away.  This doesn’ worry them – they have a very nice heavy duty all purpose vehicle and they happily bomb around from place to place – dogs included.  They have gradually furnished the rooms to their exacting standards – as it was a stone conversion that had been let to tenants for years, this was the first time of being sold for proper dwelling.  New everything has been bought.  After the formal furniture came the selection of curtains and blinds.  They chose a supplier known to them personally – a sure fire way to get a good working relationship for such an important item in the house.  The choices were suggestions from the stylist owner – really top notch designs too!