Toning & Matching Window Dressings

I have been taking an interest in the subject of window blinds and matching curtains.  I have a large bay window and since moving in I have utilised a flexible plastic curtain rail which has been bent and fixed into place.  The curtains had to be altered to fit the window – I had to buy two pairs of wide, long curtains, not cheap.  The alterations cost almost as much as the curtains in the first place and I used them very happily for thirteen years before having to change them for more appropriately coloured to suit the newly decorated emulsion paint job on the walls and even better match on the statement fireplace.  Getting matching colours is crticially important to me.  In fact I get into trouble wherever I go because I take ages trying to match up certain shades.  The colours blue, brown and black are very difficult to match – there are hundreds of differences in shades and hues.  That’s what makes it so difficult to get colours that go together.  So best to have shades that tone rather than try to match.