The Different Types of Garage Doors Available

Garage doors are not necessarily something we think of very much, but when it is time to replace or repair your garage door, it is important that you understand the different types of garage door on the market!

Up & Over Doors

These are the classic design of garage door, which swing out and up into the garage roof.  These take up a lot of space to operate, but are lightweight and easy to use.

Roller Doors

These are neat garage doors which vertically ascend into the roof of the garage, rolling into a neat roll.  This allows you to use the full length of the space in front of your garage.

Sectional Doors

Here, the garage door is broken into sections which move up into the garage roof.  Again, you can use the full length of your driveway.

Electronic Doors

Many garage doors can be automated, meaning you can operate them with a remote control.  This allows you to open and close the garage door from your car or house!