Seasonal Changes for Window Dressing

Just as the summer has slowly drifted away, we may be getting geared up for the autumn and winter seasons to come upon us.  I personally love autumn.  Perhaps because my birthday falls then.   When we were still at school, I always like walking through the country lanes, taking in that heady winter smell of bonfires and smoke drifting about.  People used to change their curtains and furniture to reflect the colder season.  Heavier drapes and bedspreads were brought out and aired, ready for putting up around halloween.   I still like to change my curtains in the bedrooms.  Light cream shades at the start of spring, going through until end October.  Unless we have an exceptionally dull and cold September, in which case the darker blue hues go up then!  I find the darker colours in winter just make me feel more grounded, whatever might be going on around me.   This balancing act helps my personal equilibreum.   I find the curtains, window dressings of all sorts, help to set my room.