Searching Accuracy Gets Exactly The Set You Want

I was out to lunch over easter – a rare treat these days.  My hosts were young and still in the first flush of youthful love and nest building.  In their ‘forever’ home after only 5 years together but still very smitten with each other and the property.  This was quite special and reminded the other two guests and me of happy carefree days of our own, some years past.   The lunch table was exsquisitely set with the table mat and napkin set I’d made for a moving in present.  All the crockery was selected from the gifts they’d received upon moving to the wonderful haven.  It was so nicely set I found myself searching for similar items for a forthcoming gift presentation for a soon to retire colleague and pal.  The online sites proffered several similar  ideas but none with the precision and beauty of the original but I know it’s out there yet – just needs that careful searching of selected well trusted sites and a bit more care with the search terms!