Retro Emporium Brings The 70s Back In Focus

I was out and about on travels recently and came across the most amazing store.  I’ve not been in one that dedicates itself to yester-year quite so effectively.   They specialised in offering every day items but dating back to the 1940s up.  It’s hard to imagine they just went out and did house clearances – but unless that happened, I could not see how this incredible and eclectic mix of garments,shoes, boots, evening attire with accessories etc could ever be concentrated in one store in England.  I tried on two or three jackets, with hand bags, hats and other accessories.  There were also dressmakers’ patterns with all the well known ‘antique’ names of their own.  Mary Quant could eat her heart out in that store.   they also stocked pairs of curtains and bedding – the pre duvet days of eiderdowns and chenille throws.    Seeing two items from my youth really pulled at the heart strings.  One radiogramme which was a nice looking piece to start with and was still working.  There was even apack of replacements for the stylus .