Novice Gents Miss By A Country Mile

Country living is very much the way of newly ‘arrived’ families to make it kown they are success and have thus arrived.  so they can show off their new country decor and furnishing. . .  Being seen out with the Barbour coat & boots.  For those families who have lived out in the sticks for some time, generations even, there is nothing exciting about trawling through the lanes in the four by four – getting the children to school and getting both working parents to the station is just part and parcel of life as they all know it.   Watching a novice not used to the tiny lanes with high hedges and passing points having to reluctancly back up in the face of a bus is hilarious.  The best way to cut some of the newbies’ misery is to recommend they buy from their local farm shop – so many fantastic items can be obtained and it ensures the shop keeps alive.  Many deliver to the customer – another very good trend – one van to twenty customers rather than twenty customers to one shop.