New Sideboard Starts A Buying Frenzy

I have had the same furniture and furnishings in some of my rooms for the 15 years I’ve lived here.  There is something to be said for buying a really solid and beautiful leather suite – it can’t be changed often is one of them.  However, a year or so ago, when I’d decided to step from working for someone else, I decided early that year to buy a sideboard that I’d admired for years but could not afford.  This item was originally in the range of a very spectacularly big retailer and I coveted it for 3 years before realising I could never afford one.  Then up it popped in a funny little local home furnishing outlet.  That led me to change the dining suite – the new sideboard was a diffent oak.  Then I bought bedroom furniture and so on.  Ah that feeling of satisfaction when each beautiful item was positioned in my sitting room!