Measuring Your Windows Correctly for Blinds

When you are looking to purchase new curtains and blinds, one of the first things you will need to do is accurately measure your windows so you can get the correct size.  Here are some instructions to help you get the measurements right every time for your new blinds!

Step 1: Are your curtains or blinds going to hang on the inside or outside of the window opening?

Most curtains are attached to the top of the window, or onto the wall above the window frame, while blinds are attached to the inside of the window, next to the glass.

Step 2: Check window opening depth:

Measure the depth of the window opening.  You should measure in front of any obstructions which might get in the way of your blinds – latches or handles for example.  The blinds should hang a short distance away from these.

Step 3: Measure the width

Measure the inside width of the window at the top, middle and bottom of the window.  Windows are often not completely even, though they will look it!  Take the smallest measurement to ensure your blinds fit.

Step 4: Measure the drop

Take three measurements for the length of the window from top to where you want the blind to end.  Again, the three measurements mean you can choose the largest of the three to ensure your blinds fit.