Matching Themes In Bedrooms Offers Cohesive Look


I have recently been thinking about how to update the soft furnishings in my two spare bedrooms.   Looking around, I can’t help noticing that my neighbours all seem to have updated theirs in recent years.  I still have the same fairly safe, bland shades that were fashionable 20 years ago.  I need to go out to one or two of the magnificent garden centre homestyle stores that have really beautiful ranges of soft furnishings, not readily available in the average out of town pile ’em high, sell ’em big emporiums.   I like the idea of birds sweeping majestically over the curtains – I’ve seen a luscious print with blue and green shaded peacocks which would look splendid in the 2nd bedroom.  I was thinking that the magenta and pink version of the same would offer a classy co-ordinated look in the 4th bedroom.  Even if I couldn’t get eactly matching bedding, It would be possible to obtain enough fabric to either make the bedding, or a decent throw for each bed.  Ideas are buzzing like dury just at the moment!