Matching Curtains & Duvet Set Portrays Calmness

There can be nothing nicer than sitting on the sofa, cuppa in hand and just whiling away the time looking at a lifestyle programme or leafing through a magazine.  We can get bogged down in everyday tasks very easily and to take a little ‘me time’ just to look at what’s available – new styles and themes, can be very therapeutic.  Changing over the bedding and curtaining is a favourite – our family have a winter and summer se with changeover period generally around the Easter holidays.  We would get the next set down from the loft, air it and make the change.  Nowadays we tend to have a look and see what’s available in our local garden centre come homestore.  They have a fantastic selection of unusual colourways and themes.  We have never been a showy family, not for us roman blinds with billowing flounces.  Plain curtains with patterned carpet and upholstery or the other way round.  In the bedrooms we alway try to get the curtains to match the duvet set.  It completes a room and makes everything look streamlined, whatever the rest of the chaotic scene portrays!