Matching Curtain Length & Weight For Warmth

There is something really satisfying about gettinghome on a cold frosty evening and being able draw the curtains and get snuggly warm in the house.  The amount of cold that comes off windows, even with nsulated double glazing is immense.   This is why it is important to have the right choice of curtains up to suit the season.  In the spring and summer I put up the lighter weight cream pair which are linede but are much lighter than the winter set.   The blue winter pair are longer, in a heavier grade of fabric and have substantial linings;  this means they hang very nicely and are long enough to be folded up along  the window sill to stop the radiator heat going behind them and just up to the glazing.  All these things must be borne in mind when selecting soft furnishings.  Bedding is another matter – I like mine to have matching curtains;  this sometimes becomes a challenge as many cheaper suppliers stock only ringlet curtains, rather than the much more attractive rufflette tape version.  It needs a superior shop that handles soft furnishings as their main supply.