Matched Curtains & Duvet Still Tops For Many

There is something comforting about matching curtains with soft furnishings…. bedding with window dressing and carpets for example.  For some families this is a no-no.   The more varied the palette or plainer the window blinds, the happier they are!  I am definitely from the old fashioned end of home decor where as much is matched as can be.  However, I don’t like being put in the chinz and roses bracket – too much floral in one room does send me into a whirl of dizziness.  I would look at the duvet cover and if it’s a fairly small floral or pattern, and matching curtains are available, then I would definitely get both and then buy another duvet cover with one toning shade from the curtains, for the one on, one off system I operate!  I don’t generally favour lots of little cushions dotted over the bed – too much faffing about when I need to climb into my pit, but a toning throw over the end of the bed suits me just fine!