Make Your Studio Apartment Look Fantastic!

If you have a studio apartment (where living area, kitchen and bedroom are all combined in one space), you will know how important it is to make this space feel larger.  Our decorating tips will help you to make your apartment seem bigger and look great!

Colour Schemes

You should choose a subtle colour scheme, sticking with whites, off whites, light green, light blue or light yellow for the walls.  Dark colours tend to draw walls inwards and can make rooms seem smaller.  Light colours often reflect light and make the space feel larger.  Furnishing should stick to neutral shades, adding colour with accent pieces – throws, cushions and artwork are good for this.  Try blending different textures rather than colours in your studio – this way you can express your great taste without adding lots of colours.

Place the Bed

Your bed should be positioned up against a wall, either parallel or perpendicular to it.  If you put your bed in the middle of the room, it will take up loads of space and make the apartment feel smaller.  You might want to consider investing in a pull out or drop down bed which can be hidden away either as a sofa or other decorative piece of furniture when not in use.

Add Lights In

Let lots of light in by keeping curtains and blinds open, and add extra light with lamps, spot lights or candles.  This can make the room seem larger as well as improving your mood!

Section Off

Sectioning your apartment into zones can be a good way to maxmise the space.  You could try boxing off your living area using sofas and a coffee table.