Leaves & Plats Play To The Winter Gallery

I do love the colours of the winter.  Dark greens and reds always set a room off and these reflect the changing seasons outside.  I have one tree in the back garden that looks really unexciting when denuded of leaf, however, come the early autumn it starts to turn from gorgeous light apple green to yellow, then orange through bright fire red, to finally a dark brown crisp look that says ‘I had it all’. It loses those leaves rather quickly after that and stays bare until arly summer, when those lovely bright reenies come back in abundance.   I am lucky enough to live near woods and country parks.  The wonders of winter time are reflected in my choice of furnishings and linens.  I gain calm and restfulness from being able to look at pictures of leaves and trees in particular.  My garden room has a wonderful curtain design – leaves and plants in varous stages of their growing year.  So apt.