Keeping Hot Rooms Shaded Is Key To Comfort

In this very hot and sunny weather, it can  be a real problem to see when the sun streams in through large windows.  Of course, we do love the warmth and all winter long, when it’s grim wet and snowy, we long for the sun, completely forgetting that at times, it can be just as much a nuisance.  However,with the right kind of blinds and window dressings, it is possible to really enjoy the sun and be cool and shaded.  Keeping venetion or bamboo blinds ‘turned upwards’ rather than downwards will reflect the sun rays away from coming in.  Keeping the room darker and shaded may seem odd but the cool retreat will be so welcome at the mad hours between 11 and 3pm.  Keeping children and pets comfortable is critical, as is remembering to give them plenty of fluid all day, every day.  Sensible planning for hot weather means we can really enjoy this bounty.