Jam Jars Help Ease Floral Farming Dilemma

We use jars for so many things – once the original food item has been exhausted.  I was out with some chums last night, visiting a nearby flower farm.   It was fascinating to see all the different colours of the dahlias and cosmos with beds of asters bobbing happily along the way.  We’d all been asked to take along a jam jar, which was now a quarter full.  Pairs of scissors in hand, we drifted towards the fields of colour, with our instructions of what to not touch clear in our heads.  The farm is still very busy supplying buckets of cut flowers to florists – who are desperately busy with weddings.  It’s all very promising for these artisan designers – brides and their mothers are very serious about their choice of floral decor for weddings, certainly from what our hostess said.  She can’t supply all the colours they demand via the florist and has to be at least a mind reader to know what the next colour trend will be so she has time to grow enough of everything –  to be without could put her in a sticky jam you could say!