Helping Keep Suns Rays In Check

We have certainly found ourselves in the thick of the hottest and driest period in twelve months.  This does seem to be the regular pattern nowadays – all those years of having rainy, unwelcoming days by the sea are well and truly over.  Climate change has now really started to make itself known – it’s not just a phrase plucked out by those annoying people on gardening and country pursuit programmes on tv.  We really do have to think about the glare of the sun and it’s destructiveness in terms of home furnishings.   I have always opted for fully lined curtains, whether for a bedroom, dining room or sitting room.  I prefer the heavier feel and the way they just hang better, whichever method of hook. hoop or ringlet.   Another feature of well lined curtains is their ability to help cut out much of the glare from the sun pouring straight in.  Curtains, blinds and shutters all help shade a room and this in turn keeps the temperature down.  They also help reduce the wear and ter caused by constant sun streaming onto coloured fabrics.  That’s why heritage properties always have windows covered as much as they can.