Gifting Homeware & Furnishing Ideas

Gifting homewares was never at the top of my list of ‘how best to keep buddies’ it has to be said – until younger family members started out renting and then buying homes . . . .  That’s when it became a really good idea.  They got better quality homewares than anything they were likely to be able to afford, and I was able to satisfy the need to provide gifts and homewares and or anything connected to their new home.  Nowadays I help out with suggstions for home decorating and design and maybe supply new curtains, blinds or other window dressings to feel I’m part of whatever their updating and refurbishing shemes might be.   Sometimes family decide they want something that bit more professional – especially if they move up the property chain and want more than a lick of paint.  I’m not so handy with a workbench & power tools myself so these treats are handed over to experts who are experienced and trained in finding exactly the right home and interior furnishings; it’s their job!