Getting Savvy Revolutionises Sloppy Kitchen

Keeping the kitchen clean and tidy is not always the easiest thing on a busy agenda.  How tedious is that need to keep wiping everything down after cooking dinner – I notice that when I stay with my inlaws, they work very much as a team with each one doing certain tasks as they go along.  They do always cook, serve up and eat together, and of course they clear up and put everything away together.  I’ve worked out that it takes the same vast amount of energy to buy for, prepare and cook a meal for one as it does for two.  So I’m missing out big time!  That’s why I get tired after doing my full whack.  However, it would help if I just got myself more organised and thought about what I’m going to eat earlier in the day. Having a better laid out kitchen could help me too – I need to check out the new kitchen designs and acquire the odd new idea – revolutionise my techno lifestye!