Getting Jams & Chutneys Sorted

When I’m in the midst of a good spring clean, I tend to get carried away with other little side issues. I come down in the morning, intent on doing out the bottom cupboards in the kitchen – all goes well at first, then something crops up. A jar of something I was given last year, or several years ago . . . . links me to another little item and so it goes on. I do find it awfully difficult to concentrate on the task in hand. I need the discipline of a list – firstly looking around the homestead and listing the jobs that need serious attention. Against this I note how long I think it should take. Next I list the things that actually need sending away for repair or stuff to be bought to do that myself. Once those items are procured, I can repair all the bashed and dented stuff – make good the little holes in the seam . . . . take out any marks with magic cleaner spray. Then let the spring cleaning battle commence. Someone stop me from getting too side tracked with the jams and chutnesy though!