Getting Into The Festive Spirit

You know when christmas is approaching – from the middle of August we get nothing but adverts in the stores and on tv.  The power of advertising is quite something and it influences every decision we make.  I do try to resist this for as much of the time as possible as it tends to wear me down but the programmes I like to watch whilst relaxing tend to be on the commercial channels – and they’re funded of course, by advertising. 

It is noticeable however that there have been changes in the way broadcasters have been able to attract the attention of the younger audience.  There are supposed to be less adverts directed at them during their afternoon and early evening viewing sessions.  At one time there was always confectionery and expensive toy adverts – pulling at vulnerable heart strings of course.   Now that so much is done online, it is possible for Mum and Dad to watch the purse strings and get good quality gifts in an organised and calm way!