Floral Curtains Help Make Spring Complete

I am just getting tot  he time of year when I ecdide that the winter draps of darkish blues ad greens are ready for changing.  I’ve done this every season since moving ito this house some twenty or so years ago.  There is something truly life enhancing about the asrrival of springtime – those fabulously birds first thing in the morning that get me hopping out of bed bright & cheery.  Then there is that wonderful sight of fresh green grass, new growths in the borders.  It’s incredible how many different shades of green there are.  I love it.  Every day I look out, rain or shine, through my lovely floral patterned curtains –  and look around to check which favourite old shrubs and builbs are bursting intio life.  Some years it feels as if a few bits have got stuck somewhere and I begin to make plans to replace them but after a few more days, those tell tale tips of green pop up and all’s well in the world of springtide gardens.