Exit Summer Shades – Enter Twinkliest Christmas Trees

It’s getting to be the top sales period for out of town country stores and garden centres now.  We’ve had the most exhausting and yet interesting summer period known in this country.  Sales of anything to conserve and retain water for plants and lawns have made a big gains but otherwise, it’s been a real struggle.  Anyone with foresight would have been marketing their window shades and desk fans to bring a little relief.  Now that winter is beginning to show herself, we can look forward to all the summer displays disappearing – to be replaced with garlands, gawdy tinsel and baubles.  Oh and a hundred different styles of Christmas tree – with and without the rather brilliant system of ready installed twinkly lights.  That little job is always best left to the chaps, those folk who just seem to know how to put lights round a tree and have all of them lit on switch on!