Easter Just Right For Farm Shop Bounty

Ah, we’re on our way to a nice bright summer season.  So we need it more than ever now.  The winter was a bit odd – lots and lots of unbelievable windy days – tremendous gusts for hours at a time then it would quell and settle for a few days before back they came, more fience and rugged than ever.  This strange weather was not all doom and gloom for many families who took their kiddies of out for the day to discover the joys of of a blustery beach.    When we do go away for the day to somewhere rather nice and historic for a nose around, it’s so much better if the weather is warm and sunny.  We see things in a whole new light and folk spend more in the many and varied shops.  Farm shops are a favourite of mine.  Usually there is a theme, perhaps Easter approaching will be demonstrated with pretty and very dinky chicks with cute bunting and chocolate easter eggs in a display basket.