Easter Bonnets & Baskets

That rather wonderful time of year approaches – Easter is cometh. The birds are certainly in good form already – pecking away at any tiny little bit of nesting material they see floating about. I have made a point of leaving the weeds and softer prunings at the edge of the borders now, so they can pick little bits and pieces as they need. Their nests are somewhat easier to build and decorate than mine, it must be said. I do love the feeling that comes over me when I realise the clocks have gone forward, the days are actually lengthening nicely – and it’s time for me to think about updating my furniture and furnishings where necesessary. When the festive season in December has taken its toll on my bank balance, then just a change of cushions, towels, accessories and vases of appropriately coloured blooms always make the rooms feel as if they’ve had a make over.