Decorating Your Home

Decorating your home is a really exciting time!  You have essentially a blank canvas to work with, which you can transform room by room to create a fully personalised look.  Whether you are just bored of your current home design, or you’ve moved into a new house, decorating is a great way to add your own stamp and charm.

Making Big Changes

One way to make a big impact is to paint or wallpaper the walls – you might need to check if you live in a rented property whether you are allowed to paint the walls.  Find a colour which really shows off your personality – bubbly and fun colours could include yellows and greens, calm and cool colours might include blues and greys.  Don’t be afraid to use more than one colour in your home, however try not to have too many in one room…

Furnishing Ideas

Furniture is a really important side of decorating; if you have been using the same old furniture for years, or you do not have that many pieces, try bringing some new furnishings into your home.  Comfortable chairs and sofas, bookcases which add function as well as beauty, and tables to sit at all add up to a nicely decorated room!

Revamp Your Storage Solutions

Find decorative storage ideas to make your home look great as well as hide away your bits and bobs.  Everyone has ‘stuff’ that needs to be stored, so why not look for storage which doubles as an attractive looking piece of furniture too?