Bucking The Trend With Coloureful Homeware Choices

Sometimes it can be very difficult to raise the required energy and enthusiasm to go and hit the furnishing & homeware stores.  It tends to be get in the car, race off to the nearest out of town emporium and then a dead stop.  The homewares and furnishing departments always reflect exactly the same colours and styles of cushions, wall hangings, metal artwork etc. as their competitors, currently red, grey & black.  The colour schemes may change and come in and out of fashion but on the whole, one tends to keep in with the crowd.  I have not done this myself, keeping a pretty neutral palette throughout.  I like the sunny feel even on damp days and liven it all up with very colourful accessores, cushions, curtains, bedding etc.    I do get lots of compliments on how lovely and fresh my house always looks – followed by “have you just decorated?”  a sure sign I’ve still got it!