Bring Forth The Thank You Cactus

Oh how I laughed when my neighbour’s grandaughter bought me a cactus as a thank  you present.  It seemed a very odd thing to get, but her mum told me that she’s had an absolute fascination with prickly plants and succulents since tiny and this is her idea of a really good present.  And who am I to query??  I personally love the idea of a Venus Flytrap – I used to own two, when I rented flats in the grimmer parts of town – these gorgeous plants show a fantastic way to rid the place of peskies.  No good if  you’re in anyway squeamish or an animal lover persay.  I find the choice of indoor plants is limited at most outlets but one or two online sites do offer a lot – these not only bring benefits to the air quality in the home, they help with the subtler side of interior decorating – amazing effect some can have.