Bold Headboard Needs Careful Toning

We have many different retail outlets in each town and sometimes it can feel that each shopping area is really the same as each other.  So we try to find the individual items that stand out and make you recognise the brand from all the other makes.  I have certain colour schemes in the house, as most other families do.  Lots of blue and cream feature in my main rooms upstairs.  The second bedroom has a beautiful dark royal blue velvet headboard that matches the 2 drawe base of the bed.  It is quite stunning but of course, for full effect, it needs really well co-ordinating curtains and bedding.  The next question is, matching or just toning.  With a really strong colour like dark royal blue, it is almost impossible to match absolutely so it does make sense to tone with the same range of blue but not necessarily exactly the same.  Curtains should have a few patches of colour exactly matching that headboard.