Being Grounded Brings Home Loving Blessings

Home is certainly where the heart is – how often has that come to mind over the long weeks of this  global pandemic.  However, in every situtation life throws up at us, we can find the positives and move with those.  For example, whilst we’re all at home a lot more, why not look at rearranging our rooms and perhaps renewing the curtains and soft furnishings around us.  The best way to reappraise our room settings is to stand in the doorway, from sweep our eyes around left to right around the room and see how perhaps we could move that book case and is there anyway we could change the positions of the sofa and armchairs?  Curtans are a very quick means of completely updating a room.  As can painting the chimney breast a feature, stand out colour that perhaps picks out one shade in the existing curtains or in a new pair.  Cushions in the same colour as the chimney breast ties these changes together very nicely and pretty inexpensively.