Autumn Blows In Mellow Warm Themes

This is just the time of year when I feel most comfortable in almost everything I do.  i suspect it is because I am an autumn birthday guy and as with so many folk I know, the time of year of birth does seem to be very influential.  Another relative of mine is a January baby, she was born in a very harsh winter and she absolutely revels in the coldest, snowiest conditions!

The onset of autumn invites me to go for brisker daily walks, there is no heat to dull my activity level.  I seek out the woodlands and country areas by default.  This is then reflected in the furnishing and decorating schemes I like having around me.  Golds, dark reds, oranges, deep colours that make me feel warm  This changeover from summer themes is easily achieved with this fantastic online site – everything I want here and now.