Attaching Blackout Linings To Curtains

Curtains and window dressings for this time of year can be quite difficult to judge.  There’s the wonderful prospect of bright and unbroken sunshine – something we all love to think about when the winter’s upon us and we’re skulking around in the gloom of winter.  However, when that sunny summer does arrive, it’s often too hot to bear and so the curtains and blinds come into their own to protect us from the glare aswell as that heat.  It’s incredible how effective bringing a roller or venetian blind can be to offset the hot rays.  There are all sorts of materials and fabrics available for curtains now.  If sleeping is a problem, then blackout linings are available – these really do help to keep out the distractions of the daylight and provide a restorative atmpsphere to the room.  The linings can be bought separately to be attached to existing curtains and clip on to the rufflette tape with a second curtain hook – or with the right hooks, they can be attached with the same hooks that hang the main curtain in place.