A Little Blind Enthusiasm Goes A Long Way

I was talking to a lady from the village recently about blinds and curtains.  She is of a certain older generation for whom the prospect of changing curtains in spring and autumn is a task that cannot under any circumstances be ignored – pale coloured for spring/summer and back to darker hues for the autumn/winter.    I expected the suggestion of introducing blinds into that mix would send the poor woman into a frenzy of anxiety but no, when I mentioned the word, she went into absolute raptures.  There wasn’t a thing she did not know about the various styles available for the modern housekeeper to choose from.  I found her enthusiasm headed toward the festoon type – with gathered pelmet and ends.  Then we discussed the various merits of the roman blind – and the plain ones that matched any of the colours in a curtain fabric and thus could pick out the same shade in say, furnishings and table linen..  I was stunned, and impressed.