How Curtains & Heavy Drapes Keep Warmth

Oh gosh how to keep warm in the depth of winter.   I have to own that I live in a very nice comfortable centrally heated house.  No problem there.   It’s when I visit family who don’t live in the same modern way.  I’m currently in a stone house in the middle of nowhere.  Beautiful and the sort odf property that we all gasp at on the property buying and selling programmes on davytime tv.   The escaping from everywhere type of lifestyle changing fodder.  What they don’t tell us on these shows is just how cold a stone house is in winter.  Especially if the property points a certain way and the north wind catches you.  However, the advent of heavy curtains and roller blinds up at the windows make a tremendous difference.  This is why we see images from medieval times with what look like carpets on the walls. They didn’t hav huge windows for the simple reason that glass wasn’t readily available so covering cold walls was essential.